Difficult to Believe, Impossible to Deny

Mahendra Trivedi introduces an astonishing phenomenon with the capability to transform lives and bring happiness and prosperity to people across the globe.
This is The Trivedi Effect®.

Alice Branton

Alice Branton (CEO and co-founder of Trivedi Global Inc.)Alice Branton is currently the CEO and co-founder of Trivedi Global Inc. and has been associated with Mahendra Trivedi and the Trivedi Companies since 2010. Since then, her loyalty, dedication and hard work have proven to be an asset to the company and to those seeking wellness as well.

Alice Branton is a woman with an incredible blend of intelligence, power and compassion. She was born in Texas, USA, and grew up in the State of South Carolina. She dreamt of achieving something big and meaningful in her life, which lead her to work hard, polish her skills and complete her MBA in Finance and Marketing. After her studies, she took on a job at a multinational company. Owing to her hard work, she was promoted to a top-level executive and was at the height of her career and life. However, the success, wealth and admiration did not provide her with the true fulfillment she sought.

While taking care of her mother with terminal cancer, Alice was introduced to Mahendra Trivedi. After participating in one of his programs, she received transformational benefits that were nothing short of miraculous. Shortly after, she was determined to join him in his mission to transform humanity and soon became the CEO of Trivedi Global Inc.

Alice Branton was announced as the newest Trivedi Master™ on November 9th, 2013. In one of her interviews, Alice said that becoming a Master was never her goal and she didn’t have the slightest idea about it. All she wanted to do with her life was to raise her level of consciousness and help people. For many years, Alice felt it was her destiny to serve as the right hand of the greatest master on this planet. Now she feels that she has found the master for whom she was destined.

Alice has expressed that one of her greatest desires in Mahendra Trivedi’s extraordinary mission is to bring true happiness, fulfillment and spiritual growth in America and to the women and children of the world.

You can experience the remarkable effects of her Energy Transmissions by participating in one of her Master Wellness programs, such as the Monthly Enhancement Program™. For those who want to experience even more rapid and powerful transformation, she offers more advanced programs like the Master Energy Transmissions™ Program and the Daily Transmission Program for Kids™.