About The Trivedi Effect®

The phenomenon of the 21st Century

THE WORLD TODAY is witnessing the emergence of an extraordinary phenomenon that offers a radical way to transform life on this planet for the benefit of all. This phenomenon – brought to the world by Mahendra Trivedi – is known as The Trivedi Effect®.

The Trivedi Effect® is a natural phenomenon that transforms living organisms and non-living materials through the Energy Transmissions of Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi Masters™. This beneficial transformation is accomplished by strengthening their connection to the source of all creation – Universal Intelligence, enabling them to function at a higher level and serve a greater purpose.

Mahendra Trivedi – and The Trivedi Masters™, Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak and Alice Branton – possess the ability to create The Trivedi Effect® through the Energy Transmissions generated by their thoughts.

Benefits of The Trivedi Effect®

The Trivedi Effect® has the ability to transform all living organisms, including plants, seeds, crops, bacteria, viruses, fungi, animals, cancer cells, and human cells by strengthening their connection to the Universal Energy which is the source of all creation. It is the ONE thing that CAN transform ANY thing. Tens of thousands of people throughout the world have experienced this phenomenon and are now enjoying the journey of their life.

Astounding the scientific community

The Trivedi Effect® has surprised and astounded the worldwide scientific community. Results from scientific experiments and the vastly growing body of human testimonials have challenged current scientific understanding, pushing scientific thought into new lines of enquiry. Scientific research has shown that The Trivedi Effect® is a natural phenomenon not yet understood by science and is unparalleled in the world as we know it. It is non-invasive in nature and beneficial to all life.

Extensive scientific research

The Trivedi Effect® has been explored in a number of different subject areas, including agriculture, genetics, cancer, microbiology, material science and animal husbandry through the collaborative efforts of leading scientists from all over the world and the Trivedi Foundation™.

The impact of this phenomenon has been measured, validated and documented in over 4,000 studies at major research institutes throughout the world. Further, these empirical studies have resulted in the publication of numerous substantiating articles in leading international peer-reviewed journals.

Scientific studies performed on non-human and non-living materials subjected to Energy Transmissions have shown dramatic results, demonstrating the fact that the effects of this energy are real and not occurring as a result of a placebo effect. There is no doubt that The Trivedi Effect® has substantial power to change the capabilities of almost everything on this planet.

The Trivedi Effect® has:

  • Increased the yield of crops by up to 500 percent and their immunity by up to 600 percent without the use of any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides
  • Identified and killed, in a rigorous, U.S.-based laboratory setting, cancer cells while simultaneously sustaining and promoting greater viability in healthy cells
  • Reduced the viral load of HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, in vitro by up to 99.8 percent
  • Strengthened the composition of metals and other non-living materials at the atomic level

Benefits as reported by tens of thousands of people across the world*… 

Physical Wellness
  • More Energy
  • High Quality, refreshing Sleep
  • Glowing skin
  • Improved vision
  • Improved Immune system
  • Reduction in symptoms of chronic ailments like arthritis and allergies
  • Relief from ADD/ADHD
  • Reduction of Pain
  • Overall improved complexion
  • Rapid growth of hair and nails
  • Improvement in Autism
  • Relief from menstrual cycle disorders
  • Relief from premenstrual syndrome
  • Overall Health improvement
Sexual Wellness
  • More sexual fulfillment
  • Better Performance
  • Stronger libido
  • Orgasmic satisfaction (Increase in ease, frequency, and intensity)
  • Increased Stamina
Mental Wellness
  • Relief from Emotional Trauma
  • Greater Peace of Mind
  • Profound Happiness
  • Less fear of the Future
  • Mental Calmness
  • Greater Confidence
  • Increased Mental Clarity
  • Relief from Depression
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Clearer perception
  • Greater Optimism
  • More Positive Mood
  • Improved ability to focus
  • Feeling of gratitude
Financial Wellness
  • Abundance in all areas of life
  • Attraction to the right occupation
  • Improved finances
  • Improved level of productivity
  • Occupational Satisfaction
  • Growth in Business
Social Wellness
  • Other people are more naturally attracted to you
  • Better interpersonal relationships
  • Change in people’s perception about you
  • Deeper connection on the level of the soul
  • Greater compassion
  • More loving relationships
  • Attraction of Soul Mate
  • People are uplifted by your presence
  • The ripple effect
Spiritual Wellness
  • Stronger connection to your Inner guidance System
  • Discovery of  life’s purpose
  • Greater trust in the God of your Understanding
  • Improved sense of Spirituality
  • Greater appreciation and understanding of the precepts of one’s chosen spiritual path
  • Deeper experiences in meditation

The Trivedi Effect® has also brought about health improvements as reported by tens of thousands of individuals – including those with chronic pain, debilitating arthritis, food sensitivities, heart disease, cancer, depression, low self-esteem and more.

Many people have even reported that The Trivedi Effect® has transformed their relationships, dramatically increased their happiness and helped them discover their life’s true purpose.

Some benefits are experienced immediately, while others unfold over time. No matter how big or small the benefits seem to be, people everywhere have experienced remarkable and even life-changing results.

                                                                    If The Trivedi Effect® can do all this, imagine what it could do for you!

Meet the Trivedi Masters™

Over 200,000 people have already benefited. Be the next one!

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi

Mahendra Kumar Trivedi is recognized throughout the world for his powerful Energy Transmissions, known as The Trivedi Effect®. The experiences of close to 200,000 individuals have demonstrated the impact of The Trivedi Effect® on human wellness and nearly 4,000 scientific studies have proven that the impact extends beyond humans to plants, animals, microbes and even non-living materials. The power of these Transmissions to transform living and non-living matter for a higher purpose continues to astound the scientific community.

Dahryn Trivedi

Ever since Dahryn Trivedi was a small child she knew that she was destined to live a spiritual life. Dahryn was never interested in the ordinary things of worldly life. Her top priority was God. Even as a teen she observed the actions of other people and what made others happy and knew that those ways weren’t meant for her. Dahryn’s greatest desire was to be truly connected to the God of her understanding, and knew since she was a child that she was destined to marry a Spiritual Master and become one herself.

Gopal Nayak

As a small child living in poverty in rural India, Gopal B. Nayak had visions of a man he felt held the key to his destiny. When he was just nine years of age, this man who appeared in his life was Mahendra Trivedi. Mr. Trivedi began to train Gopal, and six years later, at the age of fifteen, Gopal became the first person that Mr. Trivedi transformed into a Master.

Alice Branton

Alice Branton is the newest Trivedi MasterTM to be chosen by the Divine. This was announced to the world by Mahendra Trivedi on November 9th, 2013. Although she is the newest Master, she comes with fully developed powers to transmit Divine energy.

Mr. Trivedi says, “Alice has embodied this Divine Energy and already has the ability to transform people and to thrill science with her energy transmissions.”

Alice not only has a unique set of skills among the Trivedi MastersTM, but she also brings a passion for empowering children and women and a strong sense of identification with being an American.

Experience the experiences

The Master of Transformation – Mahendra Trivedi is showing us the way to divine spirit that moves through everything. As we learn to use it diligently in our lives!!!! I wondered why it was important to prove that Energy Transmissions works… I m now understanding the value of it!

- Alishaa A.

I am happy to say after having some very uncomfortable instants in the past 3 days I had relief I experienced for years. THANK YOU MAHENDRA TRIVEDI!! My life has improved physically and most importantly advanced spiritually since I have had my journey with you!
- Tom S.

I was so anxious whether I would be even able to take the next breath as an asthma patient and now I can easily take deep breaths since the one blessing that I received.

-Krista C.

Amazingly the Energy Transmissions created dramatic change in my life! Got of dead end relationship confidently.The Divine is working! Thank you Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Branton for helping my connection to the Divine bring me increased prosperity and happiness! Thank you!

- Alana K.

I saw the colors of the rainbow surrounding the yellow light and it got bigger and bigger. I felt so protected and so guided… that’s the most amazing experience I had.

- Ronica S.

I actually felt him (Mr. Trivedi) before he started talking. I felt warm energy around me and it changed my business. Receiving the energy transmission was amazing, like soft rain pouring on me, very calm peaceful energy and clear thought.

- Susan.

Thank you…it works I know with that one free Master Energy Transmission™ Program. I was calm next day. I have been on a hoping ride that all will finally go well for me and unblock this rut I am in. Thank you Mahendra Trivedi.
- Carole L.

I got very ill in 2002 and ended up with somatization syndrome. In Jan 2011, I received an energy transmission (from Mr. Trivedi) and after ten years my burning nerve pain, that had been there 24 hours a day, had gone.

- Katherin.

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