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is a natural phenomenon that transforms living organisms and non-living materials through the Energy Transmissions of Mahendra Trivedi and The Trivedi Masters.
This beneficial transformation is accomplished by strengthening their connection to the source of all creation – Universal Intelligence, enabling them to function at a higher level and serve a greater purpose.


Meet Mahendra Trivedi

Meet Mahendra Trivedi

Recognized around the world for his powerful Energy Transmissions

Trivedi Master Wellness Programs

Trivedi Master Wellness™ Programs

Optimizing Human Potential through The Trivedi Effect®

Trivedi Blogs

Trivedi Blogs

Designed to educate and guide you with information that inspires

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The Master of Transformation – Mahendra Trivedi is showing us the way to divine spirit that moves through everything. As we learn to use it diligently in our lives!!!! I wondered why it was important to prove that Energy Transmissions works… I m now understanding the value of it!

- Alishaa A.

I am happy to say after having some very uncomfortable instants in the past 3 days I had relief I experienced for years. THANK YOU MAHENDRA TRIVEDI!! My life has improved physically and most importantly advanced spiritually since I have had my journey with you!
- Tom S.

I was so anxious whether I would be even able to take the next breath as an asthma patient and now I can easily take deep breaths since the one blessing that I received.

-Krista C.

Amazingly the Energy Transmissions created dramatic change in my life! Got of dead end relationship confidently.The Divine is working! Thank you Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Branton for helping my connection to the Divine bring me increased prosperity and happiness! Thank you!

- Alana K.

I saw the colors of the rainbow surrounding the yellow light and it got bigger and bigger. I felt so protected and so guided… that’s the most amazing experience I had.

- Ronica S.

I actually felt him (Mr. Trivedi) before he started talking. I felt warm energy around me and it changed my business. Receiving the energy transmission was amazing, like soft rain pouring on me, very calm peaceful energy and clear thought.

- Susan.

Thank you…it works I know with that one free Master Energy Transmission™ Program. I was calm next day. I have been on a hoping ride that all will finally go well for me and unblock this rut I am in. Thank you Mahendra Trivedi.
- Carole L.

Amazing Energy Transmission from Mahendra Trivedi, thank you so much.Trusting that at 71 years young my guides will find a way to take me back to England from South Africa. To be back with my children and work again healing people. In Love and Light Vera.

- Vera S.

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